WorkBetter…. We’re here to make your Business be the best it can be….

Leisa and the WorkBetter team know that as a business owner your time is important and you want to focus on the key tasks that drive your business.

We understand work that is critical for good Human Resource management can be time consuming, confusing and frankly even overwhelming when your No. 1 priority is to maintain productivity and manage cash flow.

Outsourcing Human Resources Services is a time and cost effective solution, either as a whole or for selected  projects or tasks.

Whether it’s to recruit and on-board crucial skills, to ensure your Human Resource and Business Practices comply with all Statutory Standards, to manage Disputes (both internal and external), or to Partner with you to develop more complex business plans or strategic Human Resource solutions; WorkBetter is here to help.

Our reputation, relationships, level of professionalism, teamwork, knowledge and systems are everything to us; without this we have nothing to offer our Clients that another organisation cannot offer as well.

The WorkBetter point of difference is that we partner with our Clients and become embedded in their Business by developing long-term, ongoing relationships with our Clients;

Our Client relationships ensure that they are willing to refer us to others; without the referrals we do not have a business, therefore if our Clients are successful, so are we.

We aim to be Client-focused at all times and at the forefront of industry knowledge.

We have competent, up-to-date confidential systems and ensure a collaborative and supportive team environment to provide our Clients with top rate service and knowledge.

When working with our Clients we:

  • Tell it like it is

  • Mitigate risk

  • Educate and coach to ensure Business knowledge and capability are built in

  • Ensure compliance & best practice 

  . . . But above all we put our Client first!



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