Who Are We?

How it started.

Support local shop local was created to help our local businesses get an online presence and start selling their products online to the wider Albury Wodonga community. The idea of Support Local Shop Local firstly started as an idea by Ashlin Technology Services to help with the COVID-19 pandemic, we then partnered with Business Wodonga and together we were able to create an amazing website for our community and our local businesses. We hope that our service is able to help all our local businesses get through the COVID-19 pandemic to grow stronger and better than ever. If you’re a business and need help, head on over to the sign up page or the features page to get an idea of what’s available for you.

Why are we doing this?

Ashlin Technology Services prides itself on complete customer care. We will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers have lasting, practical, cost effective and innovative solutions. We want to make sure that every business has the tools to be as resilient as possible for all kinds of disruptions, such as the current Covid pandemic as well as the recent bushfire season. We also want to make sure that customers can have access to their favourite businesses at all times and discover new ones easily.

We are very proud to have provided something that brings those two needs together in a solution that is free for both the vendor and the customer. We have partnered with Business Wodonga to ensure that this will be a strong and lasting solution for the entire business community now and long into the future.

Our founding businesses

Ashlin Technology Services

Our goals at Ashlin Technology Services are simple.

Deliver outstanding, long-lasting and ongoing customer service for both residential and business customers alike.

* Provide high quality new and refurbished computer systems at competitive prices.
* Learn and adapt to an ever evolving market to provide up-to-date relevant solutions to your technology needs.
* Utilise best in breed technology systems ourselves to allow us to streamline our systems and provide the most cost effective support in town!
* Support locals with locals, we bring all the big city products to you without the outback pricing, we support local businesses, local charities, local sporting clubs! #local4life #shoplocal #supportlocal

You can rest assured that you won’t find anyone more passionate about your computing and technology needs!

Business Wodonga

Business Wodonga is North East Victoria’s premier business networking, support and representation organisation. With a strong membership base, well established networks across all sectors and a fresh new brand, Business Wodonga is working hard for business growth in Wodonga and the wider region in a variety of ways. Let’s build a #strongerwodonga together.

Building a stronger Wodonga involves our business community and leaders working together with Business Wodonga to achieve the best for our growing city. Business Wodonga works with large organisations like the City of Wodonga, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Development Victoria to connect businesses, develop businesses and to showcase what Wodonga has to offer to the greater population.

Here at Business Wodonga we are responsive and keen to assist businesses with their needs.

We are passionate about helping business with business. Let us help you move forward in business.