I am a Business Wodonga member what does that mean?

Business Wodonga Members get a free Business Directory listing and Premium Online Store valued at $299/yr included with their annual Business Wodonga membership, so using this Digital Plaza is entirely free for members.

What if I am a Home-Based Business or Market Stall Businesses

This platform is ideal for Home and Micro businesses! All are welcome and we encourage you to jump on board and get your products and services out to the world! Any business can utilise our platform, but we do recommend every business has up to date registrations and insurances applicable to their business as Support […]

Can Someone Help Me Add My Business?

Yes.  If you are struggling to get your store up and running or to add your products, please send an enquiry through the contact page and one of our team will get back to you within a short period of time to assist, each of our packages include at least 2hrs of included store setup support. You […]

How Do I Manage My Store?

It is quick and easy to manage your individual store, you just log in from the Seller Portal using any device with an internet browser and away you go Phone, Tablet or Laptop… Windows, Android or Apple… You can access your store from any platform. We also have a mobile app in production that will make managing […]

How Many Products Can I List On My Store?

You may list up to 20 products on your website store with the COVID-19 Free Subscription (formerly Standard Store Subscription).  If you need to add more products, please contact us and we will let you know options to increase your store limits or you can optionally upgrade yourself to one of the Premium upgrades (shown above) from within your […]

How Much Does It Cost?

To help businesses deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is entirely free to create a website store on the Support Local Shop Local website.  There are no subscription, listing or transaction costs to the businesses or customers from us for using our platform for at least 6 months. PayPal may charge you […]

Returns and Refunds

If you receive an order for a product through our website, the buyer is placing any order directly with yourself,  the Seller of the product, and not us. This website is just an intermediary platform.  If you have any issues with a purchase, please contact the Buyer directly for a resolution.  If a Buyer purchases […]

What Happens After COVID-19 Is Over?

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over the things begin to return to normal, our service will still continue to exist and sellers and customers alike will still be able to utilise this platform and it’s services. Our free COVID-19 Store Subscription will exist for a least 6 months from time of sign up and be […]

Are My Payment Details Safe?

Absolutely! All online instant payments are created and held securely by the PayPal payment gateway. PayPal is a PCI-compliant payment provider, which means they meet the highest standards for security. Any other payment details (direct deposit/bank transfer etc) such as BSB and Account numbers are securely encrypted within the platform, can only be accessed by […]