A truly gifted bottle of wine…

Posh Plonk is an exquisite and innovative brand that has been created to complement our luscious wine, Posh Plonk stands out in a very competitive market due to its quality and innovative design. The concept for the wrap is derived from the prohibition era, where it was common place to cover your bottle with a brown paper bag. We have covered our bottle, but have taken the concept to a new level, with the one of a kind Posh Plonk branding.

The Posh Plonk bottle wrap is the label for the wine and is designed to stay on the bottle, the label for the wine has proven to be a market leading innovation which has become one of the most sought-after wine brands in Australian for the premium gifting market and high-end clients alike.
Posh Plonk’s wine is produced using the finest fruit from our family vineyard and surrounding premium vineyards, the vineyard sits on the shores of a stunning fresh water lake (Lake Hume) and is surrounded by fertile grazing land, and upon mineral rich soil which has a prosperous history of gold and copper mining, the fertile and mineral rich soil combined with the very high quality of air and water the wine is produced from is reflected in the quality of the wine.

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