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When you purchase with Keen Medical Supplies, it is part of the agreement any devices purchased have a service plan. K|M|S will work with you to ensure you and your staff are aware of how to use the equipment and K|M|S ensure your equipment is serviced and checked up on as required.

K|M|S offer a range of extra services as part of your tailored custom package when you purchase your equipment.
Services can include:
Training to ensure staff educated for use equipment including ZOLL defibrillators and EvacuLife evacuation chairs.a
Training and instructions on how to use the product app
Annual catch up at anniversary for product and service testing
Contact point for new pads and accessories post use of equipment
FREE instructional video access for ZOLL Products.

With a passion for helping organisations ensure they have the ability to save a life, Andrea Keen started Keen Medical Supplies.
Andrea has 20 years experience in clinical environments, including 10 years as a nurse at Albury Base Hospital- using a wide range of equipment. Her other 10 years saw her involved with the service of industries just like large hospitals, and small clinics.
Keen Medical Supplies is based in Regional NSW- servicing metro, regional and rural Australia for specialist equipment and basic first aid supplies.
K|M|S evaluate with you, your requirements for each of our products to ensure they meet your needs. Ongoing service and contact is all part of our agreement and look forward to working with you.

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