Get Your Own Online Store

Start selling today with a store in our ‘Digital Plaza’. List products, interact with customers, complete transactions online or offline, track sales history with all the features you need at your fingertips with your own login to the Sellers Portal.

Payments go directly to the seller with no product listing or transaction fees from our platform. 

Get your existing customer buying online today with a fully functional store site with you own unique store page or be found by locals browsing the entire Digital Plaza’s products.

Choose Your Plan

Online Store

Get your business online and selling your products and services to your customers.
$ 99
  • $250 Setup Fee Waived
  • Includes All 'Business Directory Listing' Features
  • PLUS Online Store Functionality
  • List Up to 20 Products or Services
  • Take Payments Via PayPal, Direct Deposit, COD or Cash
  • Setup Postage & Handling Rates, Track Sales history
  • No Listing / Transaction Charges
  • 2hrs Setup Time
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Customisation On Request

Business Directory Listing

Get your business listed on our free local Business Directory
Do you already have a website? Use this service as a value add and get extra exposure and visitors to your site.
  • No Setup Fees
  • Secure Store Manager Login

    Add, maintain and manage all your own info at any time.
  • Store Logo, Banners and Videos
  • Contact Info (Address, Phone, Email, Website etc)
  • Customisable Store Info

    Add About Info, Trading Hours, Facebook Feed, Store Policies and more...
  • Social Media Interaction

    Link you Businesses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube accounts and a live Facebook Feed
  • Publish 3 Business Service Listings
  • Customer Communication Pack

    Interact with customers from the within platform or email & manage customer reviews & inquiries.
  • Upgrade to Online Store at any time...
  • Basic Email Support

Business Wodonga Members Online Store

Business Wodonga Members get the Free Directory Listing and the Premium Store Subscription included in their membership.
$ 0
  • $250 Setup Fee Waived
  • Includes All 'Business Directory Listing' Features
  • Includes All 'Online Store' Features
  • + Up to 40 Products or Services
  • All 'Online Store' Payment Options + Stripe
  • Still No Listing / Transaction Charges
  • 2hrs Setup Time
  • Email & Phone Support
  • + 10% Off Custom Labour

All online store plans get access to the Standard Features list

Business Wodonga Members and Premium Store Plans will also get access to the Premium Store Features

Optional Premium Upgrades​

If you business has specific needs, maybe has a lot of products or you need to utilise many different features of the store or if you just need extra assistance to get your store let us know.

You can get in touch and discuss the options or you can upgrade to one of the premium store upgrades from $299/yr and get access to all our Premium Store Features

Making an online store is easy.

List Your Business

First of all you'll need to get your business listed. To do this you'll need to pick the Online Store plan.

Add Your Products

Once you've got your business approved and listed you'll be a able to add your products.

Sell Your Products

And now you are ready to sell your products. It is as easy as that.

You can register your business for free to get your own store listing on our digital plaza directory.  There are no registration, listing or transaction fees for customers using this service. Customer payments on your store via payment gateways such as PayPal may incur payment processing or funds withdrawal fees.

Seller FAQ's

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Absolutely! All online instant payments are created and held securely by the PayPal payment gateway. PayPal is a PCI-compliant payment provider, which means they meet the highest standards for security.

Any other payment details (direct deposit/bank transfer etc) such as BSB and Account numbers are securely encrypted within the platform, can only be accessed by the store vendor via the stor manager and only provided to by the system to customers after they have provided their details and completed their purchases in the shopping cart system.

We’ve got you covered! Any industry can use our business directory – repair services, accountants, eateries, doctors, hairdressers or even weekend market stalls.

There is no cost on the business directory and you get your own business listing page on the website that you can share out to your customers and easily be found with.

You can link your directory listing back to your own website, to booking systems, ordering systems the sky is the limit and you’ll even get a free backlink to your website to help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We’re building a one-stop shop for Wodonga and surrounding area that’s fair, sustainable, and – most of all – great for customers to find you.

Yes! If you have something to sell, and are registered and insured, please join in and let everybody discover your interesting products!

Smartphone cameras these days are pretty incredible. Even if your phone is 3 or 4 years old, the camera on it is likely to be excellent and very much suited to product photography. Just make sure there is good lighting, that you don’t take a photo too close to the subject or too far away, and upload it to your shop. You can take a photo and upload it immediately or choose from the library on your phone. It’s that simple!

Absolutely! We are here to help you every step of the way. We understand that not everybody is digitally savvy, and that is the entire reason for an initiative such as this. We will have many different resources available such as guides, videos and personal support provided from Ashlin Technology Services and Business Wodonga.

Yes.  If you are struggling to get your store up and running or to add your products, please send an enquiry through the contact page and one of our team will get back to you within a short period of time to assist, each of our packages include at least 2hrs of included store setup support. You can also contact Ashlin Technology Services or Business Wodonga if you require further assistance.

You need to have a reasonable camera, but not an expensive one. The one on your phone is likely to be perfect for the job. There are local services that can offer assistance or any additional equipment so be sure to check out the community resources tab.

While not force, it is recommended all businesses have insurance as they are responsible for their customers, products and transactions directly and as such should have public and product liability to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

BUYERS: For any questions or queries regarding a Seller, any of their products, services, pricing, availability, pricing, stock levels, trading hours, pickup/delivery options or things of that nature please contact the Seller directly. This can be done on the enquiry button on a Sellers individual store or by reaching out to them via one of their listed contact methods.

You can search for the store you are looking for in our Business Directory if you have trouble finding their store.

If you need to contact Support Local Shop Local directly, please send us an enquiry through our contact page and someone will get in touch with you.

SELLERS: If you need to contact Support Local Shop Local for any reason, please send us an enquiry through our contact page or you can contact us from within your Store Manager.


You can direct all your customers to your own unique store page so they see all about you and your products, or you can encourage customers to the site in general to check out all the local businesses and what they have on offer.

It’s so easy – 3 simple steps is all it takes to get up and running online, selling to your customers.

Step 1: Go to our Seller Sign Up page and select your plan based your requirements, click the Sign Up button and complete the registration form. Your application will be reviewed by one of our team members and your online store and seller account will be created, you will then receive a confirmation email once your is ready to setup. (Average confirmation time is 3hrs but may take up to 48hrs during peak times)

Step 2: Log in to your Seller Portal then you will then be redirected to our Store Creation Wizard which will walk you through creating your store page.

Round up your business information… The more you detail you provide the better your customers shopping experience will be.

Make sure you have your logo and photos handy that you can use to upload and show off your business.
To enable instant online payments all you need is a PayPal account. If you don’t already have one you can get one by clicking here, otherwise you will need BSB/ACC details or can opt to receive payments in person/over the phone (MOTO).
Contact information (address, email, phone, social media, website etc) would also be useful for customers to be able to get in touch.
Step 3: Your store is now ready for customers to find in the directory, all you need to do then is add your products/services – pricing, photos, a short description, payment and shipping details are handy at this point.

It is quick and easy to manage your individual store, you just log in from the Seller Portal using any device with an internet browser and away you go Phone, Tablet or Laptop… Windows, Android or Apple… You can access your store from any platform. We also have a mobile app in production that will make managing your store, products, sales and customer communication even easier.

With our digital plaza platform there are multiple ways for you and your products to be found.

You may list your products in as many of the existing categories as you like. Please contact us if you have products in categories not currently listed and we can add them.

You may list up to 20 products on your website store with the COVID-19 Free Subscription (formerly Standard Store Subscription).  If you need to add more products, please contact us and we will let you know options to increase your store limits or you can optionally upgrade yourself to one of the Premium upgrades (shown above) from within your Seller console.

To help businesses deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is entirely free to create a website store on the Support Local Shop Local website.  There are no subscription, listing or transaction costs to the businesses or customers from us for using our platform for at least 6 months. PayPal may charge you their standard payment processing and fund withdrawal fees relevant to your PayPal account terms should you choose to utilise their payment gateway services.   

You will receive orders initially by email. Shortly afterwards we will be enabling an SMS notification, and you will have your own dashboard where you can see all your orders in one place. 

Business Wodonga Members get a free Business Directory listing and Premium Online Store valued at $299/yr included with their annual Business Wodonga membership, so using this Digital Plaza is entirely free for members.

If you receive an order for a product through our website, the buyer is placing any order directly with yourself,  the Seller of the product, and not us. This website is just an intermediary platform.  If you have any issues with a purchase, please contact the Buyer directly for a resolution.  If a Buyer purchases a product through your store at Support Local Shop Local, then an agreement is formed between you and the Buyer and you have rights directly and only with the Buyer, and not against Support Local Shop Local. We are not a party to that agreement.

For your customers to be able to complete their transactions online in one go, you will need to have setup and verified a PayPal account. We can assist with setup of new PayPal accounts, however their account verification process may take an additional 1-2 days. PayPal may charge you their standard payment processing and fund withdrawal fees relevant to your PayPal account terms should you choose to utilise their payment gateway services.    NOTE: PayPal is optional, you are not required to use PayPal. You can alternatively choose to provide buyer with bank transfer details upon the completion of their online order, or arrange other offline payment methods such as EFTPOS upon pickup/delivery, over the phone payment (MOTO

Don’t forget that now that you have a parcel going to a customer, you can put anything you want in there for free essentially. Add a catalogue, printed flyer with your latest products, or other initiatives. Be creative and use this as a way to build loyalty with new customers who may have walked past your shop a thousand times and not been inside.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over the things begin to return to normal, our service will still continue to exist and sellers and customers alike will still be able to utilise this platform and it’s services. Our free COVID-19 Store Subscription will exist for a least 6 months from time of sign up and be auto renewed for free during the pandemic should it progress longer than that, after that point Sellers will be given at least 3 months warning that the free subscription period is ending.  At which time they can either choose the following option… A) Cease using our online store functionality but continue on our free Business Directory service (keep their existing store url and store information just not sell online) B) Alternatively they can opt to keep their online store fully functional by selecting on our other ongoing Online Store plans suitable to their needs.

Businesses with their own existing online stores can still utilise our system in many ways, they can just utilise our Business Directory functionality, or they can allow customers to shop their products with a Support Local Shop Local store and not have to double handle everything.

Depending on what plan you are on we have mutiple ways to do this…

  • You can add an ‘external’ product to be added to your store (just link the product to your own shopping system to complete purchases)
  • You can utilise our product import/export functionality
  • You can integrate & sync purchases and stock levels directly between Support Local Shop Local and your own existing websites store via our API module (web developer help required).

If you are not sure which method is best for you please get in touch and we can help you get everything setup simply and smoothly.

This platform is ideal for Home and Micro businesses! All are welcome and we encourage you to jump on board and get your products and services out to the world! Any business can utilise our platform, but we do recommend every business has up to date registrations and insurances applicable to their business as Support Local Shop Local is merely an intermediary ‘Digital Plaza’ connecting local sellers and their goods to local customers and customers are making purchases directly with the seller not us.

We are planning digital marketing, radio and advertising at various places around the town. We also encourage each business to follow Business Wodonga on Facebook and Instagram so they can stay updated with all of the promotions. We will be partnering with various community associations to increase exposure and awareness. Combined voices create the clearest message and together we can ensure that traffic to the local businesses is strong and successful no matter what the current conditions are.