Store Manager Features

Take a look at some of the Store Manager features you’ll gain access to if you become a seller.

Standard Features

The following features are included in all Online Store plans, including our special COVID-19 Free Online Store package.
(Excludes ‘Directory Only’ plan)


Sales Control

Payments go directly to you the seller without transaction fees charged by us. Customers can pay in-store, on delivery or online via NetBank transfer or PayPal. You are able to issue customised invoices, track transactions or issue refunds as needed.


20 Products or Services

List up to 20 products on our free plan or if you’re a Business Wodonga member list up to 40 products. You can also list an unlimited amount of products with our other premium plans. Create simple or advanced product types and be able to mark products on sale or list variations with ease.

Customer Management

You’re able to maintain your customers contact and shipping details and track purchase history.

Seller Guides

Access our extensive guide knowledge base articles to help you setup and navigate your store and all the features we offer. We’re adding more guides all the time.

Sales Metrics

Access automated store reports, store growth, stock tracking, full sales history and ledger book.

Coupon Creator

Create advanced discount coupon codes for your customers and control them using certain time periods, products, categories, limits etc.

Store Customisation

Add a store banner and customise your about info, store hours, store location, store polices all within your own unique store page with it’s own direct link.

Shipping & Handling

Create flexible custom shipping methods like pick up, flat rate delivery or delivery be weight and location.

Customer Inquires

Always be able to keep in contact with your customers and new customers can inquire about your products or with your store directly.

Store Policies

Businesses can set specific store polices applicable to their unique business, reducing hassle and confusion for customers and businesses.

Store Hours

Businesses can set their stores opening and closing hours and closure dates.

Store Map

Optionally you can set your business to be visible on the localised Google map.

Store SEO

Businesses can configure the SEO of their store individually by placing the appropriate keywords from the console.

Store Articles

Articles against individual stores can be published by businesses directly from the console. This ensures more authenticity and better sales for your store.


You get in built notifications of the activities in the store – You will be notified of staff, customer and admin activities, purchases, messages and interactions.

Catalogue Mode

Businesses can configure to list their product in catalogue mode directly from the front-end of the site.


Built in platform wide notice / announcement board wherein one can see all the activities performed and doubles as a simple forum so we can keep businesses informed and discuss topics with businesses.

Much More...

There are too many features to list here.. and many more added all the time! Keep an eye on ‘Announcements’ and ‘Notifications’ in your Store Manager for new releases.

Premium Features

Some additional features are also available to our Premium plan subscriptions and all Business Wodonga Members.


Additional Support

Premium Stores get additional included setup time and priority email and phone support to help you with any question, query or problem you might have managing your store.


40 Products or Services

All Premium plans get to list at least 40 products. You can also list an unlimited amount of products with some of our premium plans. 


Custom Invoices

All Stores can issue invoices for sales to their customers, Premium subscribers can customise and personalise their sales invoices to include their own logo, business details, custom messages and much more.


Stripe Payments

Premium Plans can also get access to receiving payments in their stores via Stripe


Reviews System

Customers can review entire stores or individual products they purchase so they can share the love of your business with other potential customers bringing you in extra much needed sales.


Support Tickets

The Support Ticket System allows the customer to discuss their queries with businesses directly. They simply can choose the category, the product, the urgency and provide details. They will be issued a ticket and will be notified when a reply is posted. You can interact with this ticket via your dashboard

Store Followers

Customers can ‘Follow’ your store, this allows them to subscribe to your individual store and get email notifications when you add new products to your store.

Vacation Mode

Sometimes life gets in the way of business or you might like to take a break from time to time. With Vacation mode, you can put your store to sleep and temporarily disable it until you return.

Product Import/Export

We provide an inbuilt product importer / exporter for your store so you can export their products and import products to their store directly from your console.

Product Custom Fields

Businesses have flexibility to add custom fields for their products to make it more viable to their customers. All from the front-end or console making it easy.

Capability Manager

Easily manage the functionality of different users such as businesses, staff, manager and customers. Allowing the ability to filter the levels of access as required to the users and allow businesses to be separate and unique but live together on the same platform in harmony.

Single Product Multi-Vendor

Collaborating with another local business? You can allocate a product for sale on your store and the collaborating store at the same time.

Plus Much More...

There are too many features to list here.. and many more added all the time! Keep an eye on ‘Announcements’ and ‘Notifications’ in your Store Manager for new releases.