**Step 3 – Advanced Product Creation**

There are many eCommerce features available to stores on Support Local to explore some of the more advanced product features see this guide. View PDF – Step 3: Advanced Products (v1.0)

I am a Business Wodonga member what does that mean?

Business Wodonga Members get a free Business Directory listing and Premium Online Store valued at $299/yr included with their annual Business Wodonga membership, so using this Digital Plaza is entirely free for members.

Can Someone Help Me Add My Business?

Yes.  If you are struggling to get your store up and running or to add your products, please send an enquiry through the contact page and one of our team will get back to you within a short period of time to assist, each of our packages include at least 2hrs of included store setup support. You […]

What if I am a Home-Based Business or Market Stall Businesses

This platform is ideal for Home and Micro businesses! All are welcome and we encourage you to jump on board and get your products and services out to the world! Any business can utilise our platform, but we do recommend every business has up to date registrations and insurances applicable to their business as Support […]

Do I need insurance?

While not force, it is recommended all businesses have insurance as they are responsible for their customers, products and transactions directly and as such should have public and product liability to cover any unforeseen circumstances.