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Yes, please do! This is one of those opportunities where if everybody is involved, even if they are your direct competition, everybody wins because the more online shops in the network the more interesting it is to customers. Spread the word and encourage other businesses to join in the online revolution.

Absolutely! Please send through any questions and suggestions via the contact us information. This is a community improvement initiative and the focus will always be on making it a positive experience for the business community and public interactions.

BUYERS: For any questions or queries regarding a Seller, any of their products, services, pricing, availability, pricing, stock levels, trading hours, pickup/delivery options or things of that nature please contact the Seller directly. This can be done on the enquiry button on a Sellers individual store or by reaching out to them via one of their listed contact methods.

You can search for the store you are looking for in our Business Directory if you have trouble finding their store.

If you need to contact Support Local Shop Local directly, please send us an enquiry through our contact page and someone will get in touch with you.

SELLERS: If you need to contact Support Local Shop Local for any reason, please send us an enquiry through our contact page or you can contact us from within your Store Manager.


Support Local Shop Local has been built with security in mind. From a secure login system to industry leading payment processing, your details are safe. None of the retailers, or associated partners have access your credit card or payment details as they are stored securely with the payment processing agency such as paypal.


Our website is specifically designed to be responsive and mobile friendly, so customers can utilise the site to quickly and easily purchase from stores without the need for a dedicated buyers app.


There will be soon! We are currently working on a Store Manager app so that businesses can quickly and easily manage their store and all it’s functions anywhere, at any time from any device.

In the meantime, while you can access the Store Manager from any device with a web browser, we do recommend using the managing your store from a full size device such as a desktop or laptop for best results.


Just a smartphone and some things to sell. There’s plenty more that you can do but getting started really is easy and simple. Our goal is to make online trading easy, safe and accessible for all.

As a matter of policy we treat data with the respect it deserves. Shop Local Support Local contains no advertising so we don’t have to provide any data to keep advertisers happy. Where appropriate, such as assisting local governments with planning, aggregate anonymised data (for example, the number of purchases in March) may be released, but no personal data will be exchanged apart from that needed for the operation of the site (for example, staff that are helping to support you). Business Wodonga may occasionally contact vendors to offer support or assistance but this will be entirely optional as a value add, voluntary service.