Thursday, September 5th 2024
General Admission 1:00 to 5:30pm


Expressions of Interest will be assessed individually, for “best fit” and other determiners. An Expression of Interest is not a guarantee of acceptance.

A minimum of 25% of sponsorship must be paid or before Tuesday June 11, 2024, ahead of Exhibitor Expressions of Interest opening on Friday June 14, 2024, so that sponsors are acknowledged at that time, and right throughout the promotional period leading up to the day of Expo and on the day itself.

The balance must be paid no later than Wednesday July 31, 2024. Should the full amount not be paid by that date, the 25% deposit will be forfeited.

Sponsors must provide Business Wodonga with their Business Logo and a short description of their business or organisation to assist with promotions and marketing no later than Tuesday June 11, 2024.

  • All sponsors will be acknowledged on the printed event program.
  • 15 individual social media posts for every sponsor, bar “supporter level”

This promotion period will begin on July 8, 2024 up to and including September 5, 2024. 

Tax invoices will be issued to sponsors at all levels, bar contra support.

Naming Rights: $5,500 incl GST

  • Naming rights to the 2024 Albury Wodonga Jobs and Careers Expo
  • All publications and posts promoting the Expo will feature the Sponsor Name once full payment of the sponsorship is received by Business Wodonga.
  • Media Release by Business Wodonga announcing the Naming Right’s Sponsor.
  • Opportunity to prominently display own marketing materials at the Site on the day of the Expo.
  • A single page article in the printed Expo Program promoting the Sponsor.

Signage: $3,300 incl GST

  • Sponsorship to assist with costs of new signage for the Expo.
  • “Physical” signage, eg banners, flags, will be used in future years – a small logo of Sponsor Business will be placed in the lower right corner of all signage with acknowledgement of “with the support of “Sponsor” or similar.
    • This Sponsorship may be “Contra” and be the actual provision of the Signage itself.

Exhibitor Lounge:  $1,650 incl GST

  • Naming rights to Visitor Lounge where tea, coffee, water, along with snack food will be available free of charge to Exhibitors. This will be a respite area where exhibitors can rest and recharge.

Visitor Lounge (or similar):  $1,650 incl GST

  • Naming rights to Visitor Lounge where team and coffee may be purchased. This will be a space where attendees can sit, think, make notes and purchase hot and cold drinks and snack food.

Attendee Prize Draw: Minimum $550, including GST

  • Naming rights to a prize for Attendees that complete an online survey of their experience at the Wodonga Jobs and Careers Expo.
    • Prize must be suitable for anyone over age sixteen years old.
    • This Sponsorship may be “Contra” and be the actual provision of the Prize itself.

Supporter Packages:

Designed for those businesses and organisations that wish to support Business Wodonga being able to conduct the Albury Wodonga Jobs & Careers Expo for the benefit of employers, job seekers, students and the wider community.

Every Supporter Sponsor will have their business logo displayed in the printed expo program, acknowledging Business Wodonga’s gratitude for this support of the 2024 Wodonga Jobs & Careers Expo.

At least two social media posts will be made between July 8, 2024 and up to and including September 5, 2024

  • Package one, includes Exhibitor Site Fee & Site: $660 incl GST.
  • Package two, no site: $220 incl GST.

*To ensure the continuing viability of the Albury Wodonga Jobs & Careers Expo and the ability of Business Wodonga Human and other resources to be used to conduct this important event on the local community calendar, Business Wodonga is open to the receipt of any other amounts of support and will consider these on an individual basis. Please contact Business Wodonga CEO, Graham Jenkin on (02) 6056 8302 or [email protected] to discuss.

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